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How Working With Investment Companies Can Benefit You

How Working With Investment Companies Can Benefit You

July 02, 2021

When it comes to your money, you should aim for high quality. Whether it's having an amazing investment portfolio or simply keeping your cash in a secure place, nobody wants "second best" for their money. This is why it can be critical to work with a financial advisor and investment companies to plan exactly what happens to your money over the long term. You can adjust the short term by working smarter or harder, but the long term escapes many people's grasp.

With upwards of 75% of Americans managing their own finances with no help from a professional or online service, according to a new CNBC and Acorns Invest In You Savings Survey, it's clear that most consumers could benefit from some professional help. This article will educate you about how financial planners can help you get a grasp on where your money's going and why. With these details sorted out, it should be no trouble to ease yourself into a productive future.

They Can Make Things Easy

If you've been managing a large portion of cash for a long time without putting it in assets of any kind, financial planning services at investment companies can help you figure out exactly how to get the results you desire. If you want a steady stream of income, they can recommend bond portfolios and income-producing assets that your capital will benefit from. If you've got a long time horizon, they can steer you toward growth stocks and more aggressive investments. No matter what you're trying to do, a financial advisor can make things easier than you ever could research on your own because of their proven experience and research methodologies.

Suggestions for Portfolios

If you've never had an investment portfolio before, working with investment companies can almost be like being at a buffet. Depending on the size of capital that you're working with, there's someone there who can recommend exactly how to allocate your limited funds to real estate, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, precious metals, or pretty much any other viable asset under the sun. If you're bullish on Bitcoin, they can find a way to work with that - if you're skittish on stocks, they can recommend you toward property purchase or other alternative investments. There are so many types of portfolios to choose from, that you simply have to pick your best "flavor" and go from there!

Point to Results

With passively managed portfolios, even the worst financial advisors should be able to see a 7.5% return year after year. This is because the average stock market return hovers somewhere between 6-9% if you simply follow the indexes of stocks and bonds. When choosing investment companies to work with, ask for what results they've been getting from their portfolios and why. It should be somewhere around this number because everyone in the market can get that without any trouble. A wise financial advisor will not try to overshoot returns or promise above-average results because nobody can time the market. Instead, they will re-emphasize that it is your time in the market that makes you the money in the long term.

Treats You With Dignity

Regardless of whether you're a young 20-something or an older individual, financial advisors should treat you with dignity and respect. Just because you have a small amount of capital now doesn't mean that your earning potential won't drastically go up. On the flip side, just because you invested $1 million in a bond portfolio doesn't mean that you won't produce returns for the firm and increase their overall capital allocation (which makes them look great). Investment companies that are worth their salt treat their customers with dignity because they know that they could go anywhere.

Go With the Best

If you've been browsing investment companies online and elsewhere, but can't seem to find a perfect fit, why not try out Oak Partners, Inc.? Not only will they treat you with dignity and respect, but they have a proven track record of getting their clients the results that they ask for specifically. By getting into the market and having your money work for you, eventually, you will have to work less for your money. What could be better than that?